Triumph Foundation Outreaches

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Life After Spinal Cord Injury

Bounce Back- Reclaiming Life After SCI  PossAbilities   PossAbilities   A Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Life Story  Starting a New Life After SCI  Life with low level Cervical SCI C5-C8  SPINALpedia  Paraplegic advice- Full Steam Ahead  Chris Seibel's Story  Erik St. Amant's SCI story  Thoracic Level Spinal Cord Injury  Back in Life- Zack Weinstein story  Wheelchair Accessible Home  A Guide to Sinal Cord Injury 

About Spinal Cord Injury

SCI Levels of Function  Top 3 things to know for new SCI  Two Important Recovery Options in Paralysis and Spinal Cord  Basic Facts on SCI  Special Needs Trust  Fundraisers- What you need to consider  Understanding Spinal Cord Injury  Anatomy of a Spinal Cord  Spinal Cord Injury: Causes, Effects and Classifications  High Cervical Level SCI  Low Cervical Level SCI  Thoracic Level SCI 

Adaptive Sports & Recreation

Adaptive Sports- Whats out there?  Inside Quad Rugby  Northridge Knights Quad Rugby team  Inside Wheelchair Basketball  Inside Wheelchair Tennis  Wheelchair Tennis  Wheelchair Fencing  Sled Hockey  Hardcore Sitting  AARON FOTHERINGHAM  Wheelchair Backflip  Sit-ski backflip  Disabled Trick Water skiing  Adaptive Waterski- 2011 Disabled Worlds Water Ski Championships  Life Rolls On - They Will Surf Again: Floating  Ricky James- Paraplegic Motorcross rider  Paraplegic motorcycle rider  Dance Anyway  Adaptive Shooting Day 12.8.13  Carriage Driving 


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Exercise is Medicine

Taylor Kevin Isaacs- Transforming Lives  Project One in a Million  Taylor Kevin Isaacs  Project Walk- Story of One  Kevin Mather Recovery  Pressing On:  Tyler O. T-4 Complete Spinal Cord Injury    Project Walk  Spinal Cord Injury Recovery - Neuroworx  Erica Coulston & Walk The Line to SCI Recovery 

Independence Training

Quadriplegic C5-C6 bed transfer  Paraplegic wheelchair transfer on&off the floor- Low level SCI  Paraplegic climbing stairs  Riding an escalator  Car transfer  Wheelchair going down stairs  Quadriplegics: bed mobility and dressing  C6 Quadriplegic - Bed Mobility & Transferring  Paraplegic getting in pool  Paraplegic getting dressed  Paraplegic Day in the Life: Kitchen Mobility  Paraplegic Day in the Life- Home Mobility 

Triumph Foundation Fundraisers

Triumph Foundation Casino Night Fundraiser  Triumph Foundation Casino Night 2!!!  Let Em' Roll Casino Night  Route 66 - Triumph Foundation  Casino Night 2015  Let'em Roll Casino Night 2014 

Water Therapy

Recovering Quadriplegic learning how to walk in pool Andrew Skinner part 1  Recovering Quadriplegic learning how to walk in pool. Andrew Skinner part 2  Recovering Quadraplegic standing in pool for the 1st time without assistance Andrew Skinner  Recovering Quadriplegic, Andrew Skinner, walking in 4 1/2 feet of water independently